We use the following cookies on this website for the purposes of:

Reducing spammers

We use google captcha to reduce the number of form submissions we receive from automated bots and spammers. Those are the pictures you see when you hit submit on the contact form. For this they seem to just set the following cookies that expire at the end of your session.

Name Example Value Expires Domain
_GRECAPTCHA 09ABY8G8oni -Os49LZlcPKS xReaIkg6j70 CY3CV_TndC TCLG8Vxzlbo ... Session
NID 209=Q-lRNpv oHgk_jMd_lfS CwzfxVRmqb 6Uh0IyRrmre XvAt5yV5Lc ... Session


Tracking visitor numbers and what pages are visited most etc. The content will look something like the example but varies over time and from person to person. If you want to disable these you are best off adding a plugin to your browser that will allow you to block analytics across all websites.

Technical people may be interested in googles documentation page which explains more. We anonymise visitor IP addresses so they are not written to disk on googles systems and can't be used to identify you. We also honour "Do Not Track" if you have that set in your browser.

Name Example Value Expires Domain
_ga_HV274SRLRL GA1.1.123445678.123445678 Session
_ga GA1.1.123445678 123445678 Session